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October 19, 2016#1 Hardware

New C64 Cases

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These new cases look amazing. I can't wait to get my hands on them.

This is a perfect example of what's great about the C64 in 2016. New hardware is still being manufactured, that looks stylish and new, but true to form at the same time.

I've heard from Jens Schönfeld, personally, that these cases are almost ready.

UPDATE: September 10, 2019

Unfortunately the URL the original newsletter is no longer available, I've unlinked it so I don't have a bad link on my site.

The good news is, these cases are available! The Commodore 8-bit Buyer's Guide lists them in the component section. They are available for sale from Pixelwizard Retro Shop. I'm ordering the SX-64 style case as I type this. It is, in my opinion, totally boss.